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2022 Best Wireless Blink Mini Indoor Camera Review

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Having a smart wireless security camera setup in your home, office, or other secure locations provides you ease and serenity of mind whenever you are not everywhere. You can comfortably take a peek at what is occurring almost in your house from almost any geographical point.

Unfortunately, a lot of indoor wireless security camera choices available in the market arrive with high-budget cost designations. The Blink Mini indoor wireless camera decrypts this trouble by delivering a high-resolution video range for an incredible cost!

One of the best wireless cameras of 2022 is the Blink Mini Indoor Camera, nexar dash cam, dlink wireless camera, Ring wireless camera, Arlo Wireless camera, etc. If you use a nexar dash cam, then use it just after using a nexar dash cam user manual. Also, the nexar dash cam setup of the wireless cam is too easy as compared to others.

The wireless security camera is created with a combination of stunning characteristics that set it in similar competition with other more costly wireless cameras. So, let’s know without any further ado about the Blink Mini Indoor Camera Review.

Features of the Blink Mini Indoor Camera

The Blink Mini cam comes with extraordinary attributes that you cannot afford to overlook. Some of these characteristics contain;

  • Two-Way Audio – The first one, the Blink Mini indoor camera, not exclusively permits you to have an evident view of your home, but it likewise allows you to hear and talk to those around the cam. This is an outstanding method to stay hooked up with friends and relatives at home. Instead of this, the owlet camera setup is too easy. You can use it to secure your home.
  • 1080P HD Video Coverage – During the day, the Blink Mini indoor wireless camera brings videos in a 1080p HD solution, giving you an exact view of your house. At night, when there are low-light situations, the wireless camera changes to HD infrared night vision.
  • Best Storage Options – You can even record a lot of videos, save, and store video clips on a cloud, thanks to the Blink cloud storage. All you require is a little subscription to appreciate the advantages of cloud storage for one month per wireless camera. You can furthermore run for the endless option for a little bit excess per month, supplying you with a storage installation for an inexhaustible number of wireless cameras. Blink has likewise declared the unveiling of free local storage!
  • Customized Motion Detection – Blink wireless camera lets you to obtain notification cues whenever motion is seen near your home. You can even customize zones for motion detection, allowing you to obtain alertness for zones and times that are of value to you.

Why is The Blink Wireless camera known as One Of The Most Affordable Indoor Camera?

As far as functionality is concerned, the Blink Mini wireless security camera will be vying with models, for example, the Wyze Cam and Ring Stick Up camera. Also, the arlo pro 3 setup is easy and completed by using the remote control app. Whereas how does Blink Mini wireless camera normally measure up? Here is a summary of what Amazon’s latest wireless security camera has to present.

Specifications of Blink Wireless Camera

The Blink Mini wireless security camera arrives with the following specifications, these all are given below.

  • Generation- First generation.
  • Camera resolution- 1080P HD.
  • Dimensions- 50mm × 49mm × 36mm/ 2in. × 1.9in. × 1.4in.
  • Connectivity- 24 GHz 802.11g/n Wi-Fi.
  • Field of view- 110° diagonal.
  • Weight- 48g or 1.7 ounces.
  • Audio- Two-way audio recording and speaker output.
  • Smartphone requirements- Android 5.0, iOS 10.3, and Fire OS 5.1.
Design of the Blink Wireless Camera

When it comes to design or its overall structure, the Blink Mini wireless camera is the most straightforward model you will come across. Its camera module is constructed of a plastic casing, which just spreads to the front of the cam.

This Blink Wireless camera has palm-sized and the overall design of this wireless camera is exclusively too amazing. The wireless camera is made with 2 LED indicators, a microphone, and the primary lens. You can likewise trace the micro USB port at the rear panel of the wireless camera for power. The circular divots at the base and the rear of the Blink Mini camera make it straightforward for you to mount it on a rack.

Waterproof and Temperature Rating

The Blink Mini Wireless security camera is created for indoor use exclusively. The camera does not give temperature monitoring. Typically, the Blink Mini wireless cam is not weatherproof, making it unworthy for outdoor usage.

If you are looking for one of Blink’s security cameras for outdoor benefit, then you might like to run for the XT2 model.