How to use Dlinkap.local for Dlink extender setup?

Dlinkap.local is login page to access dlink extender setup page. If your device like computer or phone is connected to dlink extender and then you simply need to type dlinkap.local in the address bar of the browser to access the extender’s setup page. Most of the time as soon as you connect the phone/computer to the extender default network name, the setup page pop-ups automatically.

If in case it doesn’t then simply open a browser and then type http://dlinkap.local. You can also use Dlink extender Default IP address to access the same dlink extender setup page. So, both browser default gateway “dlinkap.local” or the IP address “” can be used interchangeably. If one of them doesn’t work then you can always try the later.


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Dlink extenders are one of the best in the market. So, if you are planning to extend your Wi-Fi range that too in a limited budget then Wi-Fi extenders are the best option. Even Cnet recommends the D-Link extender as the best one. With its adjustable antennas you can move around to cover the entire house.

Moreover once setup, you can place it at the location where you need Wi-Fi connectivity. You can even switch to Dlink mesh system for better coverage if you have large house. Mesh works as a Wi-Fi blanket that covers your entire house easily. Here we will help you with setup of all D-Link extender models.

Dlinkap Extender Characteristics

  • Responsive and seamless wireless technology
  • No-Internet-zone clearance
  • 5 GHz bandwidth
  • Great speeds up to 867 MB/s
  • WPS Setup
  • Multi MiMo Technology
  • Compact and Convenient Design
  • Gigabit Ports
Dlinklocal extender

Dlinkap.local repeater setup via Web-Browser

  • It is the easiest setup method, if you want to extend your signals wirelessly. For this make sure your extender should be plugged in to the wall in the same room as your router.
  • Now, on your phone or computer go to the Wi-Fi list and look for dlink extender default network name. It will appear as “Dlink-XXX-5g” or “Dlink-XXX-2g”. You can also cross check this SSID with the Wi-Fi card that you will receive with your extender.

Dlink wifi extender setup guide

  • Tap on this network name and connect your device to it. It won’t need any password to connect. BUt if it does then type the password that you see on the back of your extender.
  • Launch a browser now on the same device. You can use google, firefox, safari, etc. In the URL or Address bar type dlinkap.local or
Dlinkap.local setup
  • On the login page type “admin” as default login credential for dlink repeater.
  • Select the option which says “extend the existing wifi network”. Now select your router’s mai wifi network name. And type its password for confirmation.

dlinkap.local setup

  • If you would like you can change your extender’s SSID in the next step. By default, it picks up the same name as your router’s wifi. For example, if your router’s wifi name is “ABC”, then the extender will come up as “ABC-ext”.

D-link extender setup guide

  • After this click on finish to save the settings. It takes around 2 mins for the extender to connect with the router. Once Connected you will see a solid wifi led on the ext.
  • Moreover now you can unplug it and place it at the desired location. It can be halfway between your router and the location where you need internet.

Dlinkap.local extender setup via WPS

  • Before this setup, you should be having a solid power led on the extender. Also, it should be plugged in the same room as your wifi router.
  • There is a wps button on the front of the extender that you need to press and hold for 2 secs. Some dlink extender models might be having the wps on the side panel. This is what wps button looks like.

press wps on dlink extender

  • Now, within 2 mins of pressing a button on the extender. You need to press the wps button on the router too. You will see a blinking wps led on the router and the extender both.

Press the wps button on the router

  • A solid wifi or wps led on the extender will confirm a successful setup. In case the extender isn’t setup try wps again. If it still doesn’t connect to router then first reset the extender and then try the setup. Learn here how to reset extender.
  • After setup you can connect your different gadgets to the extender network name. It will show up with _ext suffix in your wifi list. Also when it will ask for a password type the same password as your wifi router’s.
Dlinkap.local WPS

How to Setup dlink extender in Ap mode?

For AP mode to work you need to connect an ethernet cable from your router to the extender. This ethernet cable will help work this extender as an access point. Also this Access point will provide faster internet than wifi repeater/extender mode. So, If you are okay with ethernet cable running from your router to the extender, then you can go for this AP mode.

  • To start with, toggle the button on your dlink extender to AP mode.
  • Make sure you have stable power led on the extender.
  • Now connect your phone or computer to the dlink extender network name in your wifi list.
  • Simply open a browser next on the very same device. And as we did earlier on the browser you need to type dlinkap.local or in the url or address bar.
  • This will take you to the setup page. There you need to select ap mode.
  • Next you will need to select the network name and type its password for confirmation.
  • After following the on screen instructions you will see new network name showing up in the wifi list.
  • You can connect your phone, computer, smart tv, etc to this new access point and enjoy seamless internet.

Dlinkap.local setup in Repeater Mode:

  • From the list of Wi-Fi networks available, select the Wi-Fi network that your main router provides and enter its password.
  • You can enter a name for this repeater as per your requirements and comfortability. Click on ‘Apply’ once done.
  • Now you can connect your devices to the repeater’s Wi-Fi network and enjoy seamless internet with great speeds.

Dlinkap.local not working

1. Are you unable to connect to your router?

You can simply resolve this issue by placing the range extender in the direct line of site of the router. Or try placing the extender into another wall outlet which is nearer to the router. After setup your Internet light should be green and not red. If its red then you need to move the extender closer to the router.

2. How to find ideal spot for my extender?

The best possible location to find the most appropriate location is with the help of the indicator light on the extender. Place it at the location where it shows you strongest signals.

Also you can plug the extender in between your router and the location where you need internet. For example if you need wifi in your garage then place the extender between your router and the garage.

If possible avoid any obstacles and walls in between router and the extender. Also place extenders away from heavy electrical devices like Refrigerators, AC, Oven, Etc.

3. Forgot my extenders wifi password?

Most of the time the extender pick up the same wifi password as your router’s wifi password. But if you changed your extender’s wifi password then you can retrieve it by logging into your extender. Check this video here about how to login into your wifi extender.

Also, you can just simply reset the extender and reconfigure or setup again. Before you attempt to reset, kindly note that all devices connected to the extender will be disconnected and you will have to connect them all over again.

You can reset dlink extender by simply holding a pin or paper clip or anything pointed inside the reset hole of your extender for around 10 secs. You will see a blinking light on the extender while you do so. Moreover the indicator light will turn red after this.

How to reset D-Link extender

D-Link reset
  • While attempting to reset the extender should be plugged into the wall.
  • Also, it is not recommended to unplug the extender while the reset process is going. As this can also damage the firmware of the device.
  • You can find the reset button on the side, back, or bottom of your respective extender depending upon its model number.
  • After the led on the extender lits up you can release the dlink extender reset button.
  • It will take around 60 secs for the extender to start again. You will see blinking light will stop and power light coming up again.
  • Now since extender is reseted to factory default settings you can set it up again via wps, browser or even app in the newer models.

http://dlinkap.local firmware update

  • To fix dlink extender firmware failure, first and foremost plug the wifi extender into a power outlet.
  • So, we need to now login into our wifi extender management page in order to update dlink extender firmware. This can be tricky as if your extender is not setup then it has different IP address and if it’s setup then it will have a different IP address. Check this video here on how to login into your extender.
  • For dlink extender grab your phone/computer/laptop and look for d’link extender’s SSID in your wifi list. It will come up as Dlink-XXX-2Ghz or Dlink-XXX-5Ghz.
  • So, we assume this is the first time you are connecting to this extender. In that case it wont ask for any password. Even if it does use the one printed on the back/bottom of the extender.
  • Next, you need to launch a browser like chrome, firefox or safari on the same device. Now, in the url or address bar type dlinkap.local or and hit enter.
  • It will take you to the dlink extender setup page. There you need to type “admin” for both username and password. And click on login.
  • Go the Management settings tab and select firmware there. Now select automatic firmware update from the two option there- Manual and Automatic.
  • It takes around 2-5 mins for the extender to look for any newer firmware depending upon your wifi speed. Once found it will download and install it for you automatically. You will see your extender will restart during this process.
  • If by chance this newer firmware is causing an issue then you can manually download the previous firmware versions and then upload them manually to your extender.

How Can I update Dlink extender firmware Manually?

  • First and foremost check your extender model number. Now go online to the dlink extender’s official site and download the firmware from there. For example if you have DAP-1325-US then this from where you can download its firmware.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, make sure to unzip it on your local computer. Because this is the format we need to upload the files.
  • We will now need to login into the dlink extender. You can follow any of the steps mentioned above or watch our video.
  • Under the management tab of the extender, select the firmware option. And tap on update manually option.
  • Next you need to select the unzipped files that you downloaded from your local computer.
  • Once you clicked on “open” it will fetch the files. Next you just need to click on the “Update Firmware” option.
  • It takes around 1-2 mins for successful dlink extender firmware update. You will also see some changes in the lights of the extender during the process.
  • After this the extender will restarts automatically and you will once again see its wifi network name showing up in the wifi list.
I have just changed a router. How do I connect my dlink extender to the new router?

This is the most common question we are asked. And the answer is very simple and easy to follow. In one sentence you just need to reset the extender and re-configure it once again. If you don’t know how then let us guide you.

  • So, in order to remove the previous configuration of your old router from the extender, let’s reset it first. Hold a paper clip inside the reset hole of the extender. You need to do it for 10 seconds while the extender is still plugged into the wall.
  • Now the extender will reboot and the light will get stable on it.
  • Grab your wifi device like phone, tablet, laptop etc. Go to its settings and then to wifi. There you will see your dlink wifi extender network name showing up. Dlink-xxx-5ghz or Dlink-xxx-2ghz. Connect to it.
  • Open a browser and type or http://dlinkap.local. On the setup page type admin or both username and password fields.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to complete its setup.
  • After successful setup, unplug the extender and place it halfway between your router and the location where you get no wifi.
How can I differentiate If my device is connected to an extender’s network or router’s network?

For this you need to simply go to the settings and then to wifi on your device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc). There you will see the list of all the network names available. Now the top most one among the list which says ‘connected’ is the one with which your device is connected at the moment.

Now, if it has any suffix like “_ext” then your are currently using your extender’s wifi. If it doesn’t have any suffix and just your router’s wifi network name then you are connected to the router network SSID.

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose your router’s wifi SSID is “JackSparrow” then your extender after setup will show up as “Jacksparrow_ext”. So, you can easily differentiate which network you are using at any given moment by simply going to the settings>wifi>wifi list.

If in case you have enabled mesh wifi or your extender is using the same SSID as your router’s network then it will all look same.

How to Setup D-Link Extender Via Ip Address?

Now sometimes when we try to access dlinkap.local during the setup it seems to not work. So, don’t get disheartened, we have one more option to setup the D-Link Wi-Fi extender and that is via its default Ip Address. So, lets learn how we can do that-

  • First and foremost make sure you plug the D-Link extender in the same room as your Wi-Fi router.
  • Wait until the power led on it turns stable.
  • Now grab your phone/computer and goto the Wi-Fi list, there you will see the D-Link extender default network name showing up.
  • It will come up as “D-Link-XXX-2.4GHz” and “D-Link-XXX-5GHz”. Tap on it to connect to it.
  • Once connected open a browser on the very same device. You can use google, firefox, safari, etc.
  • Into the URL or Address bar type and hit enter. This Ip Address is the default IP of the D-Link extenders, so it will take you to its setup page.
  • Now, follow the on screen instructions to complete the setup.