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6 Ultimate Ways To Make Wi-Fi Router Network Speed Faster

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Was your wifi router’s Internet connection too sluggish? These easy wireless router tweaks could make a world of distinction on your home Wi-Fi network connection.

A suitable wireless router can make a huge distinction to your wireless internet connection speed. But in case, you don’t have the cash to fork out on an ultimate-of-the-range wireless model, what different routes are available to you?

Like you can do the Tp-link wireless router setup, linksys velop ax4200 setup, and other wifi range extender setup, to improve the network signal range of your main device. Apart from this, you can improve and make your network speed faster by keeping your wireless router in a better signal zone. If you configure all the settings of the wireless router in a perfect manner it will provide you with a better connection to the network as compared to others.

So, if you would like to know how to optimize and make your wireless router network speed faster through the various settings, you just follow the following tips. It also helps you to set the best wireless router configuration for a quicker internet connection.

1. Automate Your Wireless Router Reboot Schedule

Most recent wireless routers don’t require to be rebooted regularly. Though as a lot of people know, in case you have ever operated a slow internet connection, rebooting your wireless router is usually all it takes to obtain your backup and maneuvering.

Nevertheless, if you locate yourself rebooting the wireless router regularly, the DD-WRT, Linksys mr7350, and Tomato firmware choices both have timed reboot options. Just, go into the linksys mr7350 setup or your other wireless device setup page whichever you have, and set it to reboot once a day while you’re resting. You will never consistently notice the downtime while the wireless router powers off and begins back up.

2. Your Wireless Router Makes Faster With a New Antenna

An easy method to make a router quicker is to purchase a new antenna.

The best wireless antenna on a lot of consumer-grade routers is terrible. A boosted aftermarket wireless signal antenna is a prominent troubleshoot and an easy method to enhance wireless network signal quality (and therefore, enhance network speed) without requiring a new device. Powered and boosted aftermarket options begin at around $15 and go all the way up into the lower $100s.

3. Disable Older Wireless Router Protocols

How do you optimize wireless router settings for networks? One of the foremost things you can think of is turning off previous wireless protocols.

More recent wireless routers on the 802.11ax protocol request abilities far overextend a lot of ISPs’ service offerings. While the wireless router might be quick, a lot of your devices are likely utilizing older protocols—for example 802.11b—which restricts the real network down as soon as this wireless network device connects. Ideally, you should remove any wireless device you see utilizing b or g protocols.

4. Modify the Wireless Router Channel Width

What about the most suitable wireless router settings to make your device network speed faster on your local network? For instance, how can you create a video stream between your devices faster?

The best wireless router setup for local network connection speed usually entails modifying the network bandwidth channel. The more exhaustive the network bandwidth, the more older wireless devices on older protocols will suffer from interference.

You can consistently take it one step further by reading here given information on channel bonding for Wi-Fi networking routers.

Just go on the web page to change the network connection bandwidth. First, launch the browser and search myrouter.local setup for your router. After this, go into the network settings to change the network bandwidth.

5. Keep Your Wireless Router Always Updated

One of the most neglected methods to maximize wireless router speed is to make sure your wireless router is still operating the latest software. And the firmware of the wireless router from the manufacturer.

Sure, the wireless router updates are usually security fixes, whereas they’re not moving to unexpectedly make your wireless router banding quickly. Nevertheless, every total growth can help. If you’ve not updated your wireless router in a while, you might see more of an increase than you’d wish.

6. Test With Wireless Router Area

It’s not just about locating the best wireless router settings for quick internet connection. You also need to think about where you’re putting your wireless router in your home.