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Can I Make a Thunderbird Gmail Look Like a Webmail?

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The Thunderbird Gmail does not have to be problematized. You can use Thunderbird Gmail very easily as compared to other Gmail.

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source and free alternative to Microsoft Outlook. While unfortunately, as a highest-blown proficient email application, the default interface is frequently overly complex for millions of clients only who like a personal, single-address email user with essential Email address book functionality.

The Mozilla thunderbird for android is available too. You just need to hook up your Android phone with a good connection to the internet. The Linksys wireless range extender is a better networking system that is easily configured with linksyssmartwifi.com. If you wish to improve your home network signal range, you can use it for boosting your network. Otherwise, it works precisely over your home device network.

Thankfully, Thunderbird is positively customizable. A sequence of various configurations and modifications can create the Thunderbird Gmail user interface (UI) much cleaner. After finishing these alterations, a lot of clients familiarized with straightforward web interfaces such as Apple Mail, typical webmail, and Windows Mail accounts will feel good at home.

1. Remove And Add the Inbox Columns in Thunderbird Gmail

Before adding or removing the inbox columns in Thunderbird Gmail, kindly download the latest version of Thunderbird and finish your email account setup. You can download thunderbird through the Google play store.

After that, you need to take care of it, the first thing you need is to connect your device with a stable internet connection. Now, you have to address the Thunderbird Gmail columns in the inbox. Let’s modify the defaults to create Thunderbird Gmail more such as standard webmail.

  • First of all, you need to launch a thunderbird mobile app.
  • After this, go to the home page of thunderbird and click on the thunderbird login option.
  • Then, click on the right side of your mouse and choose any of the inbox column labels under its settings, for instance, subject.
  • The menu option is launched on your computer screen, you have to choose the messages and From option to enable them.
  • After this, click on the Read, Correspondents, Thread, and Junk Statuses to disable them.
  • In the end, click with your mouse on any side of your computer screen to close it all and save all the modified settings.

Through the Select Messages checkbox, you have a perfect graphical method to choose numerous emails that don’t fret, keyboard shortcuts still function. It might not appear as such as it at foremost, whereas this is a significant modification to the convention Thunderbird outcomes—which you will return to in subsequent steps.

Also, you should use a better network connection for using Thunderbird. When your wifi router is not connecting with the device in which you are using Thunderbird, you just go on the web page and search myrouter.local. After this, let’s manage the network settings of your router according to Thunderbird. It allows you to use Thunderbird easily with your device network.

Apart from this, in the above modifications, you replaced the Correspondents column of the Thunderbird with the much more direct From field.

2. Move Extensions

The Extensions column is the greatest method to see in case an email has an extension initial to opening it, so it requires to stay. It can, nevertheless, be transferred to a less-prime job on the interface.

Click and remove Extension to the other side of Subject. In case an email has an extension, the extension indicator will seem direct.

3. Modify the Date Type Order

One primary complaint about Thunderbird Webmail is the default sorting order. As you may have seen from the screenshot above, the oldest Thunderbird emails are at the top, with the most recent emails at the bottom.

Click on Date towards the upper right-hand side of the Thunderbird interface to change the type of the order from ascending to descending.

4. Collapse and Remove the Thunderbird Toolbars

Make sure the internet is connected to your computer. To boost the signal range, you can use the Linksys range extender. The linksys wifi extender setup is too easy as compared to others. Now let’s change our guide to the Thunderbird toolbars. Foremost, we like to remove or conceal features that are disproportionate to most users. Then, you will add back some of the released functionality in an easier manner.

Collapse Local Folders

Unfortunately, there is no choice but to clear local folders. It’s frequently a basis of mess for single-account clients, whereas it’s essential for Thunderbird to work. Therefore, the best we can accomplish is to collapse it. To do this, click on the down arrow next to Regional Folders to collapse it.