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D Link DAP 1320 wireless range extender

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Are you fed up with interrupted or slow internet collection in your home environment? Do you also want to enjoy smooth or seamless HD video streaming or online gaming with your loved ones? Do you also get disturbed by the dead or weak spot that fails to connect to the internet connection? And are you looking for a smart extender but you fail to find it? If the answers are yes then it’s time to upgrade the network connection in your home. Let’s make your wish true by providing you with the latest or fast internet speed covering device is the d link dap 1320 wifi range extender.

The d-link dap-1320 wireless range extender is a multitasker that simultaneously handles various activities on the device. Additionally, the wireless range extender has enhanced features such as the MU-MIMO feature that seamlessly handles the obstruction or the causes of the internet slow down errors. Well, the d link dap 1320 wifi extender offers you a variety of speeds, reaches, or connectivity solutions to every networking error. Along with its incredible features, you get to know more about the extender. Just read this whole article.

D-link dap-1320 wireless range extender installation

Well, watching movies or streaming music videos on the mobile device or tablet is no longer out of the ordinary and that makes getting a strong wireless signal to the entire house. As it becomes an essential part of living your lifestyle. Surely, you may get a strong signal when you’re just a few feet away from the wifi router. But when you are moving around and reaching too far edges of the home or on a different floor altogether. Thus, the signal starts dropping or becomes weak and unusable for HD streaming and that’s where the d-link dap-1320 wireless extender shines. It will grab your existing wireless signal and then extend it further to cover more floors in more areas in your home. So without wasting a single minute let’s start the installation of the dlink range extender.

What’s inside the box?

So inside the box, you’ll find

  • Obviously the DAP-1320 range extender.
  • On the side, you will see a WPS or wireless protected setup button.
  • A WiFi Configuration card.

So these are items you will receive into the dlink dap1320 wifi range extender. For more information about the features then read the d-link dap-1320 specifications.

Dlink wifi extender system requirements

Before you run to the setup of the dlink range extender, you should know what are the requirements of the system that you need to fulfill to complete the setup. Well, first comes the network requirements and then the web-based utility requirements. Let’s start with the network requirements.

  • You require a wifi router device with a running internet connection.
  • Also need 802.11g, 802.11b, or IEEE 802.11n network client devices.
  • You need a computer or a mobile device.
  • If you are using a computer device then it should have an operating system, a windows system.
  • If you use a mobile device then make sure that you should have a wifi adapter or a wifi connection.
  • And the web browser you can use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or, Google Chrome. You can select any one of them to run the setup page of the dlink extender.

So this is how you can complete the installation of the dlink wireless range extender.

d’link wifi extender dap 1320 setup

In order to set up the dlink wifi range extender. Therefore, check for the tips before you continue the setup process.

Basic Tips
  • Firstly, make sure the power LED is blinking Orange light.
  • You should check out the network name (SSID) and the default password of the dap-1320 range extender.
  • Well, these details are printed on the bottom side of the sticker.
  • You can use a mobile or computer device’s wifi connection utility and then connect with the network name of the dlink wireless extender and enter the default password.

Once, it is connected to the wireless network connection then you can begin the d-link dap-1320 setup wizard. Well, the DAP-1320 offers easy methods to complete the setup of the device. You can try any of them which you find easy and simple. Either you can try QRS Mobile setup or web-based configuration.

DAP-1320 WiFi Extender QRS Mobile setup

In order to complete the setup with the d’link dap 1320 app then simply install the QRS Mobile app. Follow the below-discussed instructions. Well, the QRS app is both for Android and iOS devices.

  • The first thing you need to do is to download the QRS Mobile app.
  • For that, go to the app store and search for the Dlink QRS Mobile App.
  • Once you search for it then it should be the first one that comes from here.
  • Simply click on the install button.
  • Once the app is installed then just go back to the home screen.
  • Now what you need to do is to connect to the wireless signal of the router.
  • Go to under settings sections and under the wifi.
  • Turn on the wifi and then connect to the default signal from the wireless router.
  • Now make sure the router may have a predefined wireless network name and password that information should be inside the box on the wireless companion.
  • If you no longer have this card through a default wireless networking and the password will also be right on the bottom of the router device on the white sticker.
  • Therefore, connect the network by entering the password click.
  • Now click on the join button and then once again connect to the network connection.
  • Then go back to the home screen and open the QRS Mobile app.
  • Thus, the app will start detecting the network connection. Just make sure that your wireless router will support the QRS mobile app feature.
  • Now you have taken to the start screen where you go ahead by following all the instructions.

By following the upper steps you can set up the extender by using the QRS mobile app.

DAP-1320 WiFi Extender with web-based Configuration method

Well, you can try this method when the wireless router does not support the WPS Button feature. Let’s walk through step-by-step to complete the d’link dap 1320 setup.

  • Just head over to your computer or mobile device and bring the wifi configuration card that came in the box.
  • After that, connect to the wifi name listed on the card.
  • Enter the password as well.
  • Once it is connected, then open up the internet browser and you might be automatically connected to the network page to complete the setup.
  • Otherwise, enter http://dlinkap.local or dlinkap.local 1320 into the address bar.
  • Now follow the prompts to complete the setup wizard.
  • Therefore, select the manual setup in the configuration and it will start searching for the existing wireless network in your area.
  • Then select yours and if your password is protected then enter the password.
  • Now check the box to give the wireless range extender the same (SSID) or wireless name as your existing wireless network so that the devices can silently switch between whichever signal is the strongest automatically.
  • Then save the settings and give it a minute to restart and you are done.

Congrats! You have successfully set up the Dlink wireless router by using the web-based configuration method.

DAP-1320 WiFi Extender Setup with WPS Connection

Well, you can try this method after checking whether your router should support the WPS Button connection or not. If it supports then read further. This process is short and simple. As it is a two-button setup.

  • Well, on the side of the range extender, you will find the WPS Button.
  • Just plug the DAP-1320 into the power outlet and head over to your wireless router.
  • On the back of the wireless router, you will see the WPS Button.
  • Press that button and head back to the wireless range extender.
  • Then press the Wifi Protected Setup Button on the wireless range extender as well.

This is it and now you have connected the wifi connection by using the WPS Button. So these are the three different methods to set up the dlink dap-1320 extender. If you want to know more about the setup process then simply refer to the d-link dap-1320 manual.

d link dap 1320 login Guide

After the setup, complete the login process by reading the below-mentioned steps.

  • Check out that you are connected to the DAP-1320 extender via wifi.
  • Therefore, go to the wireless range extender admin panel by entering http://dlinkap.local Or you can also use the d’link dap 1320 IP address
  • Now leave the d’link dap 1320 admin password field blank or enter the chosen admin password if you have configured the settings of the device.
  • In case, you have changed the user name and you don’t remember it then simply reset the dlink range extender.
  • After entering the password which is admin, hit on the enter button.
  • When you push on the enter button then you will prompt to the login page.

Congratulations on the successful dlink extender login. Now you can complete the d’link 1320 access point configuration.

Troubleshooting Tactics on the D Link DAP 1320 wifi extender

So the d-link n300 wifi range extender also provides you with the solutions to the problems that occur during the installation or the configuration process. If you have faced any of the below problems this article is for you. You are reading the right section. Just make sure that you will follow all the steps carefully or properly so as to avoid these problems again in the future.

What is the process of the d’link dap 1320 firmware upgrade?

Well, the internet connection does not require when you access the web-based configuration page of the dlink wifi range extender. It only requires when you are updating the firmware of the range extender. So you need to make sure while you are updating the firmware of the dlink wifi extender. Then the internet connection should be stale and does not lag often. Follow the below-mentioned steps for the d’link dap 1320 firmware download.

  • Prominently, download the latest firmware of the extender from dlinkap.local. Also, make sure that you will install the firmware into the desktop device so that the firmware file can be easily installed and saved.
  • After downloading the firmware then log into the dlink configuration to upload the firmware. If you don’t know the login steps then you can follow the login guide then read this complete article.
  • Thus, choose the web configuration interface after you complete the login into the dlink range extender.
  • Therefore, click on the management section and then tap on the upgrade button.
  • After that, choose the browse button and then choose the firmware file that you want to upload.
  • Hence, click on the upload button and the process to the new firmware file has been started.
  • Also, make sure that while you are upgrading the firmware file then do not unplug the cable so this can disturb the new firmware file process.

This is how you can upgrade the dap 1320 firmware. Be sure to follow all the steps properly.

What are the steps for the d link dap 1320 factory reset?

Well, if you perform the factory reset then it will delete the current settings with the dap 1320 extender. Furthermore, this action can be unconcluded.

  1. Power on the button of the dlink dap1320 extender.
  2. Then take a sharp object such as a pin or clip then push the reset button for ten seconds.
  3. After hitting on the reset button, the LED on the range extender starts indicating red that means the dap extender is now rebooting.
  4. Now wait for a few seconds to access the configuration of the dlink range extender.
  5. To access the web configuration utility, either use the web address http://dlinkap.local or the default IP address http://192.168.50 of the dlink wifi range extender.

By following the upper steps you can easily complete the d link 1320 reset process.

Why do I fail to access the web-based utility of the dlink wifi range extender?

It often happens with the dlink dap 1320 extender users when they enter the IP address and then show you that you are not connecting to the internet connection. Be sure that the wireless client device should use the same IP subnet mask in order to connect the web-based utility interface.

  • Be sure that you will use an updated web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.
  • Also, you make sure that you will be connected to the alike wireless network which is mentioned on the dap 1320 range extender.
  • If you are using the LAN connection and unplug the Ethernet cable from the PC that you are using for the wired connection. As it helps to reduce the conflicts between two connections on the same PC.
  • Also, access the web management interface by using dlinkap.local into the address bar or the internet browser. Thus, it will open a login page directly. If the DNS server does do not access the login page then use the default IP address 192.168.50.
  • After following all the troubleshooting steps, if still, you are unable to load the login page then simply reset the range extender.
How to recover the forgotten password of the D Link DAP 1320 wifi extender?

If you want to recover the forgotten password of the dap 1320 wireless range extender then you need to reset the device. Alas! The reset can eliminate all the current settings and in the future, these settings can be undone if you forget to take the backup of the settings.

  • Well, visit the homepage of the dlink wifi range extender and then select the configuration interface.
  • Thus, click on the management tab by clicking on the top-right corner of the windows screen.
  • After that. Click on the system from the drop-down menu and tap on the restore factory defaults button.
  • Now a warning message will appear on the windows screen.
  • Simply click on the confirm by pressing the OK button to perform the factory reset.

Well, if you want to use the reset button process then read the second troubleshooting query.

A Genuine dap-1320 review

In the dlink dap 1320 review, the user of the device says that it helps you to extend the internet connection to the entire house seamlessly. It is a great wireless range extender that you can also use in the offices, basement as well as bedrooms to get a breakthrough internet connection. By connecting to the existing wifi network, simply increases the wifi connection throughout the selected areas. As if it provides 300 Mbps of network connection with 2.4 GHz networking band or if you want to increase the speed then change the band to 5 GHz network connection. The whole process is a breeze starting from the installation to the configuration of the device is intuitive. To know more about the dlink dap 1320 range extender and its whole setup process, read this article.