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D-Link DHP-601AV Powerline Adapter

The d-link DHP-601AV is a reliable 1000 Mbps AV2 powerline wire-free gigabit adapter that delivers up to 1000 Mbps wi-fi network speed. It is the solution to the weak and interrupted wi-fi network signal of the wifi router. Many times the wi-fi router does not cover the entire home, so the answer is a powerline adapter.

This adapter comes with 2 units, one unit is connected to the router, and the other unit uses anywhere where you need a wi-fi network. The LAN port is situated on the bottom side of this adapter. The D-link DHP-601AV powerline adapter absolutely expands the network and you can seamlessly enjoy a buffering-free gaming console, transfer long files, streaming 4K HDTV videos, media players, etc. the Gigabit ethernet port really delivers a blazing network with the border network coverage.

The d-link DHP-601AV powerline av2 1000 allows connecting several networking devices such as PC, laptop, game console, speaker, 4K HDTV, desktop, mobile phone, tablets, and more. The setup of this power adapter is hassle-free and equipped with industry-leading AV2 technology. This technology delivers ultimate network coverage with 1000 Mbps speed.

Installation Of the d-link DHP-601AV powerline adapter

The dlink wifi adapter comes with the LAN ethernet port that quickly makes the connection with the current wi-fi router. If you want to eliminate the weak signal of the current wireless wi-fi router then you can install this powerline adapter. Here are some steps of the d-link DHP-601AV installation guide.

  • Before starting the installation process of the powerline adapter, you can unbox this adapter if it is the new one. And then monitor the package content because without package content installation is difficult.
  • In the package are the following DHP-601AV adapter accessories, such as two powerLine AV2 1000 Gigabit Adapters, 2 Ethernet cables, and a quick installation guide.
  • You can use a 1 powerline adapter unit and plug it into the electric outlet. But this unit is closer to the wi-fi router.
  • Now, locate the connect button. This button is situated near the LAN port. You can press this button and make the connection between the powerline adapter unit 1 and unit 2.
  • Utilize the 1 yellow ethernet cable and attach the one end of this cable to the Ethernet LAN port of the current wi-fi router and the other end to the DHP-601AV powerline adapter LAN port.
  • You can use the 2nd unit of the powerline adapter if you need a steady network connection.
  • To get a stable wi-fi network connection, you can use 2nd Ethernet cable and attach one end of the yellow cable to the LAN port of the powerline adapter and other ends to your networking device LAN port such as game console, computer, laptop, and more.
  • After that, verify the LEDs on both the power adapters. If the powerline LEDs are not lit then the connection is not perfect. Then you can try again later.

Now, the process of d-link DHP-601AV installation is successfully fulfilled. After that, you can quickly get the login page of this power adapter without any hassle.

Login steps of the D-link DHP-601AV powerline adapter

After installing the powerline adapter you quickly get the login page of the d’link powerline adapter. But to get the page you may need the correct web address. Without a web address or IP address, you can’t access the page. There are some helpful steps of the d-link DHP-601AV login.

  • To get the login page, you can use the preferred and latest technology web browser on your computer.
  • There are many web browsers such as opera, safari, bing, web browser, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • Then, utilize the URL or address bar of the preferred web browser.
  • In this URL bar of the browser, you can input the d link powerline adapter default IP address or web address. The web address of this powerline adapter is http://dlinkapWXYZ.local.
  • After inputting this address, the login page automatically redirects to the home screen.
  • Then you can use the d-link DHP-601AV login password and username. The default login credentials of the powerline adapter are admin.
  • You can type the admin in the provided login username and password field.
  • To proceed with the login process of the DHP-601AV powerline adapter, click the option “login”.

Then, the process of the D’link powerline adapter login is wholly done. After that, you do the setup of this powerline adapter.

Manual of the D’Link DHP-601AV AV2 powerline adapter

The d-link DHP-601AV Powerline AV2 1000 Mbps adapter absolutely expands the wifi network. The wireless network speed is ultimate which means 1000Mbps. The wireless network technology offers a high-speed wi-fi network beyond the network standard 802.11n. If you want to really remove the weak router signal then you use a powerline adapter.

This powerline adapter has many features and specifications. To get all the specifications you use the d-link DHP-601AV manual. This manual is very small in size and the manual comes from every networking device. If you think about how to reset d’link powerline, how to setup d-link powerline av2 1000, and other information. Then the manual is really helpful to solve all the problems.

The specification of the d-link DHP-601AV powerline adapter is network interfaces is One 10/100/1000 Ethernet port; wireless encryption security is WPA/WPA2; operating temperature is 32 to 104 °F; four LEDs such as power, powerline, WLAN, Ethernet; radio frequency is 2.4 GHz is 2.483 GHz and 5 GHz 5.850 GHz, and more.

Setup the D-link DHP-601AV powerline adapter

The setup of the d’link powerline adapter is secure with the web browser. After accessing the login page you quickly do d’link powerline adapter setup within a few minutes. Several steps of the setup to the DHP-691AV adapter.

  • Firstly, ensure the login page is properly accessed. If it is not accessed then get the login page.
  • To get the login page you can use http://dlinkapWXYZ.local and input it in the browser’s URL bar.
  • After that, get the login page. To set up the adapter, click the setup wizard.
  • In the adapter setup wizard, there are many setting options such as frequency band, wireless encryption, internet connection type, and other settings.
  • You can modify the band, there are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. This band is optimum for providing network coverage. If you want wider coverage then enable 2.4 GHz.
  • To protect the powerline adapter from viruses and malware then you can enable WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption with the encryption security option.
  • To get an ultra-fast wi-fi network you can enable the dynamic internet connection with the internet connection setting.
  • For making all the d-link DHP-601AV settings, to save all the modified network settings you can click save/apply.

Thus, the steps of the d’link powerline setup are fully complete. Now, you can enjoy gaming consoles, streaming HD videos, transfer long files, etc.

Troubleshooting steps of the d-link DHP-601AV powerline adapter

If the d’link powerline adapter is not turning on, the LED light is blinking red, cannot make the ethernet connection, and other various problems. Then the several d-link dhp-600av troubleshooting steps, these steps are absolutely helpful to solace all the problems.

  • The Power LED is off even when plugged in the powerline adapter, then you make sure the power outlet is turned ON. Ensure the powerline adapter is properly plugged into the power outlet.
  • Sometimes the d’link powerline adapter stopped working, the helpful tip is you can make sure the power outlet is receiving the current. If the power outlet is not receiving the current then you can unplug the adapter and then again plugin into the working power circuit.
  • If the d’link powerline adapter blinks red that means your adapter is not receiving the electric power. Verify the problem and then quickly fix it.
  • The DHP-610AV unit 1 can’t find my DHP-610AV unit 2 then you can monitor the connect button if both the units are turned ON. If it is not turned On then you can press the connect button. After that again, find the unit.
  • If the d-link dhp-601av no internet then the troubleshooting is you can verify your wifi router is turned ON and your wifi router or powerline adapter is not far. If it is far then you place the powerline adapter closer to the current wifi router.
  • After following all the troubleshooting steps, but the d-link DHP-601av not working then the solution is you can d-link dhp-600av factory reset. And then again set up the adapter.

D-link DHP-601AV powerline adapter review

In my scenario, the d-link DHP-601AV review is, it is an absolutely superior network device for all wi-fi routers. This adapter delivers electric power and then removes the interrupted signal for the Wi-fi router. It comes with the yellow 2 Ethernet cable, with this cable you easily make the connection with the wi-fi router. The performance of the d-link DHP-610AV powerline is amazing and stable.

It is very helpful to abolish the weak wifi signal of the router. This adapter delivers up to 1000 Mbps wifi network speed with ultimate performance. The reset, power, and connect button is there4 closer to the LAN port. The LAN ports are established on the bottom side. The d-link powerline adapter comes with 2 units and this unit is placed in different rooms. The se3tup and installation process is simple. With the provided accessories the installatio0n is really simple with the d’link DHP-601av powerline adapter. Eventually, it is the optimum networking device for all the networking routers.


How do I update the D-link DHP-601AV powerline firmware?

The firmware upgrade is necessary for all the networking devices such as wifi router, extender, modem, powerline adapter, and more. You can visit the settings and then smoothly upgrade the d-link dhp-600av firmware. After that, you get several networking features.

D-link DHP-601AV powerline amber red what should I do?

If the powerline amber red light means your powerline adapter is far away from the wi-fi router. You can modify the position of the powerline and then place it near the current router.

What D’Link DHP-601Av unit does not connect to the DHP-610AV unit 2?

The d-link DHP-601AV powerline adapter unit 1 does not connect to the DHP-601AV unit 2 then you can monitor the unit 1 connected button is ON. And apart from this, also verify the power button of unit 2 is also turned ON.

Can I modify the default login password of the D-link DHP-601AV powerline?

Obviously yes, you can quickly modify the login password of the d-link DHP-601AV powerline adapter. But for this, you can navigate the adapter settings and then select the password option. Afterward, modify the default login password.

What should I do my d’link DHP-601AV adapter not connect to the wifi router?

If the d-link DHP-601AV powerline adapter is not connecting to the wifi router then the problem is your powerline adapter is far away from the router. Verify the main power of the router is turned ON.

Can I manually reset the dlink powerline adapter?

To solve all the working problems of the d’link powerline you can reset the adapter. The reset is secure with the d’link powerline reset button. This button is established near the LAN port.