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D-link DHP-701AV Powerline

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The D-link DHP-701AV Powerline adapter usually surges the network connection of the existing router network quickly. It extends the main hub wireless network and transfers its network using any power outlet. It makes a secure and stable network connection between your several wireless network access devices. Ordinally, this also provides exceptional flexibility in the several connected devices. In addition, you can thoroughly enjoy the high-speed connectivity of the D-link powerline adapter via the power supply connection and also using the LAN cable.

Mainly, it delivers the throughput of the wireless network by using the power gigabit ports that provide the network speed up to 2000Mbps. It is mainly operating by using the smart AV2 SISO, AV2 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technologies, and multiple antennas which is useful for getting the high-speed internet network up to 500 Mbit/s. It usually provides the proper network connection for integrating 4K HD online video streaming, gaming consoles, mobile devices into your network via Wi-Fi 4 technology.

D-link DHP-701AV Powerline Installation

The d-link DHP-701av powerline av2 2000 usually operates in Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X (v10.7), etc. You can install it by using the plug-and-play method. Below are some steps for the d-link dhp-p701av installation.

  • Firstly, you could start its installation after unboxing it.
  • In instant, you have to also get out all the accessories and the d-link powerline av2 2000 manual from its packaging box.
  • Eventually, read its manual instructions first and start the D’link DHP-701AV Powerline installation.
  • Plugin it and Connect the Dlink powerline adapters to your main hub router through the LAN cable such as the Ethernet cable.
  • In the meantime, you can turn on the powerline adapter and wait a few times.
  • Now, its LED light has been blinking accordingly (If it is connected with your main hub then the LEd light blinks fully green).
  • In the end, press for two seconds its power button (WPS button) that is surely helpful to create a secure connection in your several devices. It’s that simple! Join your devices with the plug-and-play method.
  • Thus, you can also join your device with it and thoroughly enjoy its network to create a powerline network in seconds.

Thus, the D-link powerline adapter installation is completed now in a proper manner.

D-Link powerline AV2 2000 Login

After installing the D’link powerline adapter connect its network to several devices with improved overall network performance. After connecting it, now you have to follow the steps for the D-link DHP-701AV Powerline login that is given in beneath.

  • Initially, to log in to the D’link adapter first, you have to connect it with the main hub network and then also connect its network with your devices.
  • Now, open the web browser, safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft 10, or any other searching platform on your PC that is helpful to easily search the D’Link powerline adapter login page.
  • Then, type http://www.dlinkdap.com and d’link dhp-701av default IP address in the web interface URL bar.
  • Search it and then the login box pops up on the PC web interface screen.
  • You have to start the login process, by using the D-link DHP-701AV Powerline default password and admin username.
  • After typing the login credentials, you have to tap on displaying the “login” option.

Thus, the D’link powerline AV2 2000 Login process is finished. So, try to log in to your device by using the above-given steps.

D-link powerline adapter DHP-701AV manual

The D’link powerline AV2 2000 manual usually gives a short description of the newly purchased product. To enhance the knowledge of the user regarding purchasing devices by them. This is not only to enhance the knowledge hence it also solves your several problems. These problems like how to install the d’link powerline adapter? How to connect the d’link powerline adapter? How to set up a d’link powerline? Also, how does d link powerline work? how to troubleshoot d’link not working problem?. So, there are some various problems which are usually easily solved through the d’link powerline manual. If you can’t understand any query and any information about the d link powerline adapter, then you can easily get all your doubts from here given instructions.

D-Link Powerline adapter setup (DHP-701AV)

Here are some steps for the d’link powerline av2 1000 setup, which is given below with a step-by-step guide.

  • First, you have to complete the D link powerline adapter login process by using the app or web interface (login in as per your choice).
  • After that, directly go into the D-link DHP-701AV Powerline setup page and open the administrating setting menu.
  • Under it, choose a D’link wireless setting menu to change its wifi network settings.
  • You have to convert the D’link powerline adapter 2.4GHz frequency to 5GHz frequency to get a higher wifi frequency band network.
  • Now, apply it and then change your d’link adapter to more settings accordingly.
  • After changing the d-link powerline settings, tap on the “save” option.

Now, overall changes are made in the powerline adapter. So, finally, the D-Link Powerline adapter setup (DHP-701AV) is completed now.

D-link powerline adapter troubleshooting (DHP-701AV)

Usually, the D-link DHP-701AV Powerline adapter shows the various issues very rarely. You can solve all these issues by following the below-given steps.

  • Many times, the d’link powerline adapter stopped working because it is not adjusted in proper areas or locations.
  • So, it shows these types of issues, then after placing it in a proper location and areas you can easily solve it.
  • The D-Link DHP-701AV is not working, surely it is outdated and not connected with your main hub properly. So, for the D-Link Powerline adapter troubleshooting, you have to update the D’link powerline firmware and also re-configure it.
  • Sometimes, the d-link powerline has no lights because your main hub router network is too slow then it does not transfer its network properly. So, configure your ain hub again and solve your problem.
  • The D-link powerline is not connecting to wifi, which means your main hub network does not work and your device is kept too far away from the main hub. So, to fix it again, connect your main device with the internet and then also connect the D’link powerline again.

These are some D-link DHP-701AV Powerline troubleshooting guides that are helpful to fixing your powerline adapter problems.

D-link DHP-701AV Powerline Review

I am just researching the new powerline plugging device that easily enhances my existing router signal with actual performance. I viewed the D’link powerline AV2 2000 review on amazon, many people here had given reviews for this product of their own, I read them. Also I also purchased this network powerline adapter and its installation was very easy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very great. Until the measurement. I’m thinking of placing it in an apartment with brick and concrete walls. Measurement previously via the very great, it extends the wifi network very easily in ac and every edge of my new apartment. Thus, I am very happy and enjoy the network.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to install the d’link powerline adapter?

You can install the D’link adapter very easily using the plug-and-play way. This is very instantly installed and connects with several devices through the electric powerline.

Q2. How to connect the d’link DHP-701AV powerline adapter?

You can connect several devices like computers, PC, laptops, printers, etc. devices with your D’link adapter. By using the powerline power/WPS button, you can easily connect the wifi network on your devices.

Q3. Tell me the setup steps of d’link powerline?

After configuring and logging in, you have to manage its settings through the web interface and using the D’link app.

Q4. How does the d link powerline work?

It usually transfers the existing or main hub router network and operates through the powerline. Do, just connect with the main hub and use its network.

Q5. How to troubleshoot d’link not working problem?

You can mainly fix or troubleshoot your powerline adapter with various problems by again configuring it and rebooting it.

Q6. How to reset the D-link DHP-701AV Powerline adapter?

Locates and finds the D’link powerline adapter reset button, usually, it is located in the back panel of it. Use a pin and hold it for a few seconds and after that leave it. Now, the D-link powerline is reset properly.

Q7. What should I do to update the D-link DHP-701AV powerline firmware?

To update the D’link powerline, first, you have to connect your device with the internet and then check its updating status through the setting menu and update it accordingly by following the on-screen instructions.