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D-Link DIR-2640 WiFi Router

Would you like to make your mesh network robust with a wire-free connection? Also, you need all streaming houses with an impeccable internet connection. It could be possible with a signal exhaustive device that has comprised the High-Power Processor. The D-Link DIR-2640 WiFi Router has built-in with the most compelling dual-core processor. It has an AC2600 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router dual-band and Mesh technology. Apart from this, it is performing its job very ingeniously and has enough processing ability to tolerate any networking chore you throw at the D’link DIR-2660 AC2600 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router.

Along with this, the d-link dir-2640 Smart AC2600 WiFi Router comes with an EasyMesh Smart Internet Network technology. It makes the system most Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant. It has a more laudable and amazing features pack such as MU-MIMO, Dual Band Gigabit Gaming Mesh technology. Additionally, it is designed with McAfee protection which allows you to control and manage the device very smartly. Consequently, kindly extend your existing signal range by adding consistent D-Link routers and extenders. It is integrated with voice assistant compatibility for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can easily control your device with voice commands.

Guide for the D-Link DIR-2640 Smart WiFi Router installation

Would you know “how to connect d’link AC2600 router to the internet”? So, prior to using it, kindly install the d’link router dir-2640. You will use the below-outlined steps for its installation.

1. Take a d-link dir-2640 review of hardware parts

Unpack it and initiate the d’link router (dir-2640) installation procedure as per the directions of the d’link dir 2640 manual guide.

What does the d’link AC2600 bring in their package?

Take all the D-link dir-2640 accessories like Router, Power Adapter, Cat 5E Cable, QIG, QIC, Voice Assistant Guide, and dir-2610 manual guide.

  • The D-Link DIR-2640 WiFi Router comprised on their panel, Wireless (2.4 GHz), Wireless (5 GHz), Power, Internet, Super-Speed USB, USB, and USB 3.0 Port etc.
  • On the back, there are Gigabit LAN Ports, USB 2.0 Port, Gigabit WAN Port, Reset Button, Wi-Fi Button, Power Button, Power Connector, WPS Button, etc.
2. D’link dir-2640 Wireless Router Installation Considerations

Initially, the D-link AC2600 wireless smart router (dir-2640) offers you an intensive and immensely great signal range almost from anywhere. Make sure this is placed in an operating signal range. Also, ensure that the ceilings, thickness, location of walls, etc. must pass through the network signal range limit. If you would like to improve your router signal range then follow the key points outlined below.

  • Kindly keep the D-Link DIR-2640 WiFi Router minimized by having walls and ceilings. Every ceiling and wall that has helped you to reduce or terminate the ceilings is underrated.
  • Also, keep the proper distance between your available devices. In the sequence, the signal range of the network will move perfectly from a wall or ceiling.
  • Apart from this, choose a ventilating area to place the D-link wireless router.
  • If you use aluminium studs it can cause a navigate impact on your device.
  • In case your electrical devices are generating RF noise then you must keep away d’link dir-2640 router from all devices.
  • Make sure it offers the wireless network to your 2.4 GHz cordless phones correctly.

In spite of this, if the D-Link DIR-2640 not working then you should relocate the wireless router. After that, connect it with the power supply repeatedly until its power light has not lit.

D-Link AC2600 WiFi Router (DIR-2640-US) Setup

The following key points are outlined for the d’link dir-2640 setup. These points are such as:

(i) D-Link Wi-Fi App Setup

The D’link Wi-Fi app permits you to configure and manage your dir-2640 wireless router setup from your iOS device and Android.

  • Initially, for sure connect your device with a precise connection to the internet.
  • After this, install the D-link Wi-Fi app on your Google play store and app store.
  • Also, scan the labelled QR code on your device’s back panel.
  • Launch the D-Link Wi-Fi app on your mobile phone.
  • Open it and click on the install New Device button to get this app on your phone.
  • Then, you have to designate the D’link dir-2640 from the manifesting list. After this, click on the DIR-2640 router.
(ii) D’link dir-2640 wireless router Hardware setup

Here are the D-Link DIR-2640 WiFi Router (AC2600) Setup instructions below.

  • Place the D-link DIR-2640 AC2600 Router.
  • It is intended to provide you with a faster and more stagnant internet connection.
  • You can optimize the maximum signal range after extending its signal antennas to a 105-degree angle.
  • Ensure that it is placed in an open area to make its wireless coverage more suitable.
  • After this, set the d’link DIR-2640 router nearby your modem.
  • Get an impeccable wireless range link after placing it in an exhaustive zone.
  • Then, shut up your DSL broadband modem power. After a while, kindly connect the internet cable with your d’link router LAN cable.
  • Plug it and turn back your modem power. Kindly wait for approx a minute prior to proceeding.
  • After this, unite the power adapter with the d’link ac2600 router power jack. In this way, connect its switch into the electrical socket. Kindly wait for a minute and check its signal light to move from orange to solid white.
  • In the end, go ahead on the d-link dir-2640 smart AC2600 setup wizard page.
(iii) D’link dir-2640 configuration through browser

Emulate the below-outlined points for the d’link dir 2640 configuration, it’s specified here.

  • First of all, connect your computer with the d’link internet connection.
  • Go into the settings of your computer to get the 2.4GHz and 5GHz internet connection of the d’link router. Enter the d’link AC2600 SSID and d link dir 2640 password.
  • Then, connect it and launch an internet browser on your phone.
  • Enter in the address bar http://dlinkrouter.local or d’link login Ip address.
  • After this, access the d’link router login password and username.
  • Once the d’link router is logged, then visit the d-link dir-2640 setup page.
  • If it’s not logged in, you will confirm the d’link router login administration panel and dir-2640 bridge mode to change the settings.
  • You might also modify the d’link router login password change and username through the d’link AC2600 setup wizard page.
  • Follow the on-screen info to access the quicker internet connection.
  • In the end, apply the d’link router settings after the configuration.

Tricks & tips for the D-Link DIR-2640 WiFi Router Troubleshooting

Are you facing too many errors while you connect the d’link AC2600 wireless router to the internet? You might cope with all occurring errors by emulating the below-outlined points.

  • When the d-link dir-2640 router default password not working. You might get rid of the issue by resetting the password of the device. “how to change d’link router name and password?” Then, change its password through the settings. You must modify it and save its password and name in the end while you alter it.
  • The d-link dir-2640 not working sometimes. You could the d-link dir-2640 troubleshooting by updating the device. It is occurring due to busy connections. Connect it after updating the d’link dir-2640 firmware. Then, update its firmware to operate the services of the router impeccably.
  • The d’link ac2300 router internet light not blinking due to an unstable connection. Kindly place your wireless router in another zone. Then, the d’link internet lights red on the router then you have to reset it. To reset the d’link dir-2640 factory default settings. Hold it to reset the d-link ac2300 factory default settings.
  • If the d’link dir-2640 firmware is corrupted. Then, update its firmware again with a wonderful connection to the network.
  • If the d-link dir-2640 not connecting and the d’link router not working after reset then you might only troubleshoot it by rebooting it.

So, these are the ways to troubleshoot the d-link dir-2640 wireless router. You might cope with the issue through the following above mentioned steps.

d-link dir-2640 smart ac2600 review

The D-Link DIR-2640 WiFi Router offers for your wifi-enabled devices a more enormous internet connection. If you wish to join a high-class internet connection then connect it through a wired or wireless connection. The wireless connection must be connected through an internet cable. Use an internet cable and get more rapid connectivity. It supplies the wireless connection wirelessly. To get the 2.4ghz and the 5Ghz band internet through a wireless connection, kindly set through a browser a different password and network name. Check the d’link dir-2640 datasheet and its manual to get more info about the wireless router.

Following are the features which comprised the d’link dir-2649 wireless router, these are such as:

  • One of the features of the dir-2640 router protects Your Network with McAfee Protection.
  • Straightforward to Set Up and Manipulate.
  • Consistently Up-to-Date with the Most delinquent attributes.
  • The D-Link DIR-2640 WiFi Router provides the vast internet Quality of Service with the most extensive features
  • Get the D’link DIR-2660 AC2600 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router ingenious connection to the internet connection.

These are the above-outlined points mentioned for the d’link dir-2640 wireless router setup. It is connected with the internet connection to get an appropriate connection.