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Dlink AC1200 WiFi Adapter (COVR-P2502-US)setup, and review

The Dlink AC1200 WiFi Adapter is a comparatively superior WiFi networking device. It comes with COVR Hybrid smart technology. Dlink AC1200 is usually a whole-home powerline adapter that comes with a two-pack. It is a dual-Band wall plugin networking device. The device contains a w/3 gigabit ethernet port. Using the D’link app you can manage this system very effortlessly through the plug-and-play d’link powerline adapter setup. The dlink COVR-P2502-US dual-band powerline adapter AV2 1300 is ordinally using for extending the existing wifi network. It also banishes the dead zones using the powerline.

The set of two COVR points mainly uses for exceeding the wifi coverage in the whole home properly. The three-gigabyte ethernet poets especially made up for connecting the wired network accessing devices such as gaming consoles and network attaching storage devices or etc. The performance of the d-link powerline wifi extender is very better in comparison to others.

Installation of the D-link powerline WiFi Adapter AC1200 (COVR-P2502-US)

The Dlink wifi adapter AC1200 installation process is totally based on electricity wires. It basically transmits the wifi network data using the COVR hybrid technology. You can install it by following the below steps. You can install this system in two ways.

(i) Connect wifi network using the WPS button

Using the WPS button you can quickly install your networking device. Just, follow the below steps for the Dlink AC1200 WiFi extender installation using the WPS button.

  • First, unbox it and also out of the packaging all the accessories of it.
  • Then, you set this extender and also set its antennas.
  • To install this extender you have to need now choosing a specific place for your d-link powerline adapter.
  • After choosing the perfect location for your whole home powerline system you plug this power adapter into the wall outlet.
  • Then, turn on the power by pressing the power button and connect with the existing wifi network to your power adapter.
  • After connecting the wifi in your powerline adapter, you look at the adapter front gateway or base its LED light blinks the LED light. That means your device now properly connects with the wifi network.
  • Now, you connect to the wifi network on your PC using the WPS button. Just, go into the network setting after this wireless setting and then you click on wifi network connect with the WPS button.
  • At the same time, you connect the wifi network on Pc. You just hold the WPS button and after completing the on-screen processing you leave it.
  • Now, verify from the network status that the wifi network connects or not on your PC.
(ii) Connect wifi network Using the Ethernet cable

You can also access the wifi network using the Ethernet cable. You can just connect all the cables with your three Ethernet gigabit ports. To install your D-link powerline WiFi Adapter AC1200 (COVR-P2502-US) in the proper way there is some way which is given below.

  • After unboxing it, plugin this powerline adapter into the wall socket.
  • Now, turn on the power of your system and watch the ethernet cable in the Ethernet ports of your device.
  • Also, connect the ethernet cable with your PC, laptops, or another device that you want to install.
  • After this, you open your wifi extender device and now you check your PC network status, it is automatically connecting with the wifi network without entering any security password.
  • Recently, for verifying the d’link P2502 powerline adapter wifi network. You test the wifi network connection by searching anything on the web browser.

Now, the wifi network is successfully accessing your devices. By using these steps you can also install your powerline system and connect with the wifi network without any hassle.

Dlink WiFi Adapter AC1200 COVR-P2502 Login

The d’link powerline adapter login is fully based on the web interface. Using the web browser, you can easily access the d-link AC1200 login page. Just follow the below steps you log in to your powerline adapter.

  • First and foremost, connect your PC with the power adapter wifi network.
  • Then, you launch the web browser and access the d’link AC1200 IP address.
  • Just, enter the D’link WiFi Adapter AC1200 COVR-P2502 IP in the web URL. After this, you search for it.
  • The web browser now buffers the IP address of your device and after buffering this the login box automatically opens on your PC window.
  • Now, you fill up all the login credentials in the login box which is prompt in the login box.
  • After filling in the login credentials, you again verify it.
  • Then, click on the “login” option, and after this click on the next option.
  • Finally, the D’link WiFi Adapter AC1200 login process finishes now.

The d-link AC1200 WiFi adapter login process is completing now using the username or password. Using these steps you can easily access the login page.

D’link COVR-P2502 Manual

The D-link AC1200 wifi adapter manual provides specific information about the networking device. Using the Dlink wireless adapter manual you can easily familiarize yourself with it. But this manual does not provide satisfactory information to you. To know more information about this and to manage your powerline adapter you can get information about this from below.

Dlink WiFi Adapter AC1200 (COVR-P2502-US)setup

The D-link COVR-P2502 setup is mainly based on the web interface. After login, you can easily manage your extender. If you want to manage your adapter then follow the below steps.

  • First, complete the initial configuration of it such as plugin it and attach it with the Ethernet cable.
  • After this, you open any device and also connect the networking cable with your PC.
  • Then, you see that the powerline adapter wifi automatically connects as well as also installs into the drivers.
  • Most importantly, you open your PC web interface and find it through the URL http //dlinkap.local or the IP address of your adapter.
  • Then, log in to your adapter account using the username or password.
  • Now, go into the setting, then the network setting, and then go into the wifi setting.
  • After that, change your D’link WiFi adapter AC1200 setting accordingly.
  • According to your understanding change the wifi setting and then press enter key.
  • In the end, to save the changes you click on the apply option and complete the D’link wifi adapter setup process.

These are some steps of the Dlink AC1200 wifi adapter setup. You can use these steps to configure your D-link adapter manually. Through using these steps, you can easily access your adapter setup page.

Troubleshoot the Dlink P-2502 (AC1200) WiFi Adapter problems

Sometimes, the d’link adapter causes various issues such as d-link Ac1200 not working, not connecting to the wifi, d-link keeps disconnecting, overloading, and overheating issues. You can fix these issues easily. You just follow the below steps and resolve the Dlink WiFi Adapter AC1200 issues.

  • If your D-link wireless adapter is not working that means the power adapter is not connecting with the wifi. To fix it just reset it by pressing the reset button. After again plugging in your device, you press the reset button using any object. After resetting it, you again use your device.
  • In spite of this, if the D’link wireless adapter is not connecting to the wifi, it means your adapter is not connecting with the strongest network. You can change your power adapter frequency band setting after this automatically resolves your not connecting issue.
  • To resolve the d-link WiFi adapter not working in Windows 10 then you fix it by d-link wireless adapter driver download.
  • You can also clear all the caches and history from your device, it resolves the D’link WiFi adapter overloading issues.
  • Move your adapter in ventilating areas. It resolves the D’link wireless adapter overheating problem.
  • If your Dlink wireless adapter keeps disconnecting, then you again plugin it and again attach the networking cables with it. To resolve the more problem with your adapter you can update your D’link AC1200 wireless adapter firmware.

These are also some ways for the D’Link AC1200 WiFi adapter troubleshooting. Using these steps you can easily fix your adapter’s problems.

D-link covr-p2502 review

The D-link AC1200 WiFi adapter is such a great networking device. In comparison to others, this provides better wifi network speed in dead zones and longer areas. It easily reaches each and every corner of the home using smarter technology. The D’Link AC1200 WiFi adapter (COVR-P2502) also uses me for my home. It is truly one of the best networking devices. The performance of this networking device is much better in comparison to others. The d’link AC1200 WiFi adapter review is very big. Mostly every home user also use it to eliminate the dead zones with it. This is a very small wall plugging networking device. It is actually used by me for maintaining and getting my existing wifi router network speed.


What can I do for the Dlink AC1200 WiFi adapter Reset?

The dlink AC1200 reset process ordinally reset your wifi adapter factory default setting. You can usually reset it through the WPS button. Just, press the WPS button for three seconds and release it after three seconds. After this, you wait for a few seconds because your power adapter factory setting is reset now. The D’link AC1200 (P-2502) Wifi adapter reset process finishes now.

How to update the D-Link Whole Home wifi firmware?

If you want to update your D’link covr whole home wifi adapter firmware, then you go into your PC windows and search the device manager. Then you visit the setting and then the wireless setting. Now, you choose your device name and click on the D’link AC1200 WiFi adapter Firmware update. After this, follow the on-screen instructions and update your device firmware.

What can I do for the D’link ac1200 wifi USB adapter driver download?

To the D’link covr driver downloading, you open it on your computer device manager. After that, you download the new version according to your windows. Then download it and open it again in the device manager and add this as software. By following the on-screen instructions complete the process.