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Dlink AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender Setup

Do you want a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection around the house or office? Dlink AC2000 dap 1820 Wi-Fi Range Extender can be the best choice for you. It is a simple and affordable way to add a performance boost to internet network coverage.
The D-Link dap 1820 Wi-Fi extender will let you extend the wireless network with a high-speed dual-band AC2000 Wi-Fi. Just place the extender anywhere in your home to get rid of the dead zones. If you combine it with the D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh router, you will be able to enjoy Wi-Fi mesh technology. So, now you can enjoy the internet even in the hard to reach areas of your home. Since you have one network name all throughout the house, the network doesn’t disconnect or reconnect as you move around the house, from one room to the other. It comes with a one-touch setup option. You can manage the device from your smartphone.

How to Setup D-Link DAP 1820 Extender Using the App?

You can set up the extender using the app in no time. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store for iOS and Android respectively.
The process to set up the D-link extender using the app has been given below.

Step 1

First, install the app on your mobile device from the respective stores. You can also use the QR code given on the official page of the extender.

Step 2

Now, open the D-Link Wi-Fi app on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 3

Tap on the option ‘Install New Device’ presents at the center of the screen.

Step 4

Now, you will have to tap on ‘Yes’ if you have the QR code and then just move on Step 6. In case you are not using QR code, move on to the next step.

Step 5

Slide the product choice to ‘AP’ and choose ‘DAP-1820’ from the list of devices. Now, tap on ‘Next’ to continue.

Step 6

You are now going to be guided to set up the device through a step-by-step process. Just follow the instructions given on-screen to complete the process of installation and configuration of the AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender.
Now, you have successfully set up the extender with the help of the app.

How to Setup D-Link AC2000 DAP 1820 extender Using the Browser?

Don’t want to download the app? Well, there is no need to worry as you can set up the dap 1820 extender using the browser.

If you have to use an Ethernet cable to set the extender, you have to connect it to the personal computer to access the setup utility.

  • Connect DAP-1829 wirelessly with the help of the Wi-Fi name and the password given at the back of it.
  • Open your preferred web browser and enter http://dlinkap.local./ in the address bar. You can also use the IP address of DAP-1820 to access the setup utility.
    Note: The default IP address is Once it connects to the host network, it is going to be provided with a new IP address depending on the DHCP settings of the network. For setting up multiple DAP-1820s, you have to go to http://dlinkapxxxx.local/ where ‘xxxx’ is the last 4-digits of the Mac address of the extender.
  • In case you are logging into the extender for the first and no connection has been established, the setup wizard is going to appear automatically. In case the setup wizard wasn’t completed previously, leave the password field blank to log into the interface.
  • Agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to continue. The wizard is going to guide you to configure the new DAP-1820 wirelessly.
  • Now, click on ‘Next’ to start.
  • Wait while the DAP-1820 scans for the Wi-Fi networks available.
  • When it lists the scan results, you will have to choose one of the following options,
    a. In case the wireless network that you want to extend had been detected by the scan, click on the network for selecting it. The extender is going to forward you to the next step automatically.
More Steps
  • b. In case the network that you would have preferred isn’t detected by the scan, click on the option ‘Manual’.
    Note: In case the wireless network that you would prefer extending wasn’t detected by the scan, the DAP-1820 might be out of range and you might have to reposition the extender close to its host network device.
  • In case the wireless network that you would like to extend has been detected by the scan, insert the password to the router.
  • Click on ‘Next’ for continuing with the configuration of the extension network setting or simply click on ‘Back’ for returning to the previous step.
  • If you opt for ‘Manual’ enter the SSID and the password of the previous Wi-Fi network that you would like to connect to.
  • Now, click on ‘Next’ to simply continue with the configuration of the extension network setting or just click on ‘Back’ to go to the last step.
  • For securing the web configuration of the extender, enter the admin password. Now, it asks for the password every time you use the web configuration utility of the extender.
  • To continue, click on ‘Next’.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the time zone.
  • Thereafter, click on ‘Next’ to continue with the process.
    Keep the firmware of the extender updated to make sure it provides the latest protection and gives you access to all the new features.
  • Click on ‘Next’ to continue.
  • Towards the end of the wizard, it will show you a summary of the settings. Record this information for future reference.
  • Click on ‘Finish’ for closing the wizard.
  • The changes are going to be saved, and the extender is going to reboot. All devices might be connected to the new wireless extender network once it reboots successfully.
  • Click on ‘OK’ for the Setup Wizard. It redirects you to the login page. Now place the extender in a place where you need internet access.

How to SetUp DAP 1820 AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender as an Access Point Mode?

To set up the extender as an access point, you will have to follow a few simple steps. Here, take a look at them.

  • Connect an Ethernet cable from the LAN port of the router to the LAN port present at the bottom of the AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender.
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ drop-down menu to access this page and choose ‘Extender’. Now, you will have to click on ‘Save’ for applying the settings and returning to the home page.
  • From the options given under ‘Existing Network’, you have to choose ‘Ethernet’ for using AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender as the access point.

How to Setup D-link AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender Using an Ethernet Cable?

If you want to set up the AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender using an Ethernet cable, you will have to follow the steps given below.

  1. Connect and plug the AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender close to the Wi-Fi Mesh router. Let the LED light blink orange.
  2. Now, use the Ethernet cable for connecting the AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender to one of the LAN ports present on the Wi-Fi Mesh router. It will only take a few minutes to pair. The status of the LED light is going to change to solid green after pairing with the router.
  3. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and place the AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender anywhere at your home for extending the home Wi-Fi network.

How to Connect Wireless Clients to the Dap 1820 Extender Using WPS Button?

When you are done establishing an uplink network, you can use the AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender’s WPS function for adding additional wireless clients to the network of the extender. Several wireless devices such as a router, printer, media players, and camera have a WPS button. Press on this button to connect the AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender.
To connect wireless clients to the extender WPS button, follow the steps given below.

  1. Press on the AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender’s WPS button for about 1 second. You will notice the LED light of the device starting to blink.
  2. In just 2 minutes, press the WPS button present on the wireless device you want to connect.
  3. Wait for about 1 minute for it to configure. As soon as the LED light stops blinking and becomes solid green, you are going to be connected, and the wireless connection is going to be secured with the help go WPA2.

Dlink AC2000 DAP 1820 Review

AC2000 Wi-Fi Range Extender is one of the most amazing extenders that you will find in the market. Unlike the other extenders in the market, it is not hard to install. You will be able to set it up using the app or through the mobile browser. The whole process is only going to take a few minutes.
It can provide you with the internet connection even in the harder to reach areas of the house or office. The connection speed remains stable, and you won’t experience any drop in speed. The price might be a little on the higher side, but it is worth it. Click here to download Dap 1820 Manual.