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Dlink Covr-C1203 WiFi System

The dlink covr-c1203 is a dual-band whole-home mesh wifi system that delivers high-performance for the home network. It comes with three covr ac1200 covr points. This system offers high speed and seamless wifi network in the whole home. Ordinarily, the dlink covr-c1203 wifi system specially designed to eliminate the wifi dead zone in the whole home. Each covr has an Ethernet port, with which you can easily make the wired connection to the game console, smart TV, and streaming player with a 5-gigabit Ethernet port. This wifi system has a powerful wifi system, other wifi systems use multiple low-performance to disperse wifi throughout the house. But the covr-c1203 uses the ac1200 wifi to delivers a blazing, unbelievable, and ultra-fast wifi network in the whole home.

Using the dlink wifi app, you can easily set up the d-link covr-c1203 ac1200. It has multi-user multi input multi output(MU-MIMO) technology, this technology receives and sends data for a large quantity from multiple devices simultaneously without any interruption. It creates a single, seamless wireless network in the whole home while using the wireless network name.

Installation of the dlink covr-c1203 wifi system

The dlink wifi system is a scalable wifi network solution and it expandable the wifi network throughout the home. If you can stream 4K videos then you need to install the dlink covr-c1203 mesh wifi system. There are some steps, which are as follows.

  • First of all, you have to take the box of your ac1200 wifi, if your wifi system is the new one. If your WiFi system is new, then unbox it with its box.
  • Then you have to check the package contents that came with the wifi system to install your wifi. Inside package content is power adapter(×3), 3 covr points, wifi configuration card, ethernet cable, quick installation guide.
  • Now, decide the place of the dlink covr-c1203 the position of the dlink covr wifi system close to your Internet-connected modem.
  • Next, connect the power adapter cord into the dlink wifi and the power adapter into the power supply.
  • Sometimes wait and check the LED status, if the LED solid red then your wifi is booting up. If the LED indicated solid white that means your wifi is powering on and running.
  • Now, connect your PC, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and other networking devices to the wifi network name(SSID) printed on the back of the wifi, or included wifi configuration card.

Now, the process of dlink covr-c1203 installation is fully done. You can seamlessly enjoy its blazing wifi network and access the login page.

Access the login page of dlink covr-c1203 mesh wifi system

The d-link covr-c 1203 wifi system provides the best speed and range by using the 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz band. After the installation process, you can easily access the d-link covr login page without any obstacles.

  • Before accessing the ac1200 login page, make sure that your device is connected to the WiFi network or not.
  • Then, read the dlink covr c1203 manual and find out about WiFi’s web address, password, and username to access the login page.
  • Now, open the latest technology(update) web browser on your device.
  • Then, click the address bar of the browser and input http://covr.local./, press enter.
  • Sometimes, the web address is not working then you can use a mesh wifi IP address, the d-link covr-c1203 IP address is
  • You can utilize the username and password, and log in to the dlink wifi account.
  • The dlink covr c1203 default username password is “admin”.

Now, the steps of the d-link covr-c1203 login are fully finished. In these steps, you can also try to log in to the dlink covr-c1203 wifi system.

Manual of the dlink covr-c1203 wifi system

The dlink covr-c1203 mesh wifi comes with many features like mu-mimo technology, powerful wi-fi, smart roaming, smart steering, etc. Using this feature delivers unimaginable wifi network speed throughout the home. But the question arises in your mind, how to use the dlink covr-c1203 mesh wifi system, how to install d-link covr c1203, how to set up the d-link covr-c1203, how to update the dlink covr c1023 firmware, how to reset the dlink wifi system, etc. You can locate this information d-link covr-c1203 manual. Apart you can also locate dlink covr c1203 specification. The specification is the covr 1203 is 3 x internal antennas, the data signal rate is 2.4 GHz Up to 300 Mbps1 or 5 GHz Up to 866 Mbps1, security encryption is WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption, wireless network standard is IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11a, etc.

Setup the dlink covr-c1203 wifi system via the dlink app

If you want full benefits of the dlink ac1200 mesh wifi system connectivity, then you need to properly set up the dlink wifi system. Here are some steps of the d-link covr-c1203 setup, which are as follows.

  • Firstly, you can install the D-link Wi-Fi app on your mobile phone from the App Store and google play store.
  • You can easily install the app and scan the QR code by using the mobile phone camera.
  • Now, make sure your covr-1203 wifi system is connected to the modem or gateway and the power adapter is properly plugged.
  • Then, open the “d-link wi-fi app” and tap “install your device”.
  • Here, select your device model in the drop-down list and tap “next”.
  • Tap create a new covr account with the username ID and password, tap “next”.
  • Now, tap the option “setting” and do all the d-link covr-c1203 settings.
  • Tap the option wireless radio frequency and select the frequency, according to your need.
  • Tap the option wireless encryption security and channel bandwidth, then select the security and channel, which you prefer.
  • Now, tap the option network name(SSID) and password, type the strong password and network name in provided fields.
    After making all the settings, you tap the section “apply” to save all making settings.

Now, the d-link covr ac1200 setup steps are fully finished. You can seamlessly enjoy its wifi connectivity and video conference without any buffering.

Troubleshooting steps of the d-link covr c1203 mesh wifi system

The dlink wifi system has more coverage and it covers up to 5000 square feet area. But many times the d’link covr-c1203 not working, they cause some issues. You can easily resolve the issue with troubleshooting steps.

  • D-link covr-c1203 won’t be turning on, to fix these issues you need to ensure the connection is properly. The power adapter is properly plugged into the power supply.
  • D-link covr c1203 not setup with d-link wifi app, you can also set up the dlink mesh wifi system with the web browser using http://covr.local./.
  • Sometimes the dlink covr not connecting to the internet, the d-link covr-c1203 troubleshooting is power Off your Internet Modem for 20 seconds and then power it back on. Then, again verify the wifi network status.
  • The d-link covr flashing orange, If your covr Point A is flashing Orange light, this means the interet connection is not getting to the wifi system. Try moving the COVR B and C points is closer to COVR A point.
  • You need to verify your dlink covr-c1203 wifi system use the latest firmware, if your wifi does not use the latest firmware then you need to update the firmware.

D-link Covr-c1203 Review

The dlink covr-c1203 wifi system is a great wifi system and it covers 5000 sq. ft. It has an ethernet port that you can easily make the wired connection to while using this port. This wifi system is connectivity technology is wifi, ethernet or wifi. The D-link covr-c1203 b dual band ac1200 comes with 3 power adapters, an Ethernet cable, a quick installation guide, 3 Covr points. If you want to connect the printer and storage device then you can easily connect it through the USB port. On the backside, it has 1 USB port. If you want to extend the wifi range then you can easily extend it with the extender. The extender is easily connected to the dlink covr-c1203 wifi system. Thus, it is a superior wifi network system as compared to other wifi systems.


What should I do my d-link covr-c1203 wifi blink red?

If your d-link ac1200 mesh wifi system is solid red, that means your wifi is booting up. If your wifi is flashing a red light that means there is a problem, you should verify your router is in an overheating area. Also, check firmware updates of the wifi.

Why does my dlink covr-c1203 wifi system blink white?

If you d-link covr flashing white, it means that it is getting a poor wifi network signal to another COVR point. To fix the issue moves the covr point closer to the covr B point.

How do I reset my dlink covr c1203?

If you reset the dlink covr wifi system then it is very simple. You can easily reset the dlink with the d link covr c1203 reset button. This button is on the backside of the wifi.

Can dlink covr-c1203 wifi connect to the extender?

Yes, the dlink covr mesh wifi system easily connects the extender through the WPS button. The covr1203 backside has a WPS button, this button is used to connect the extender to the mesh wifi system.

How do I manually update the firmware of d-link covr-c1203 wifi?

To update the d’link covr c1203 firmware, visit http://covr.local./ and then log in to the account. Then, select the option “firmware update” and update the dlink covr c1203 firmware.