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Dlink Ethernet Switch (GO-SW-5G) setup, Troubleshooting and Review

The Dlink Ethernet Switch offers the actual network connection with connecting the broadband. This is newly integrated by the SOHO and it contains many networking features with 5 Port unmanaged gigabit desktop plug and plays compact design (GO-SW-5G). The GO-SW-5G is an inexpensive and affordable gigabyte networking device. This provides the WiFi network connection in the WiFi network actual, reliable, and fastest network speed using the 5,10,100,1000 Mbps Gigabit ports.

The D-Link ethernet switch specifically best for small or large businesses, and offices. It can easily provide the WiFi network range to more than five devices through the Ethernet switch. It is used by D-Link’s Green Technology and saves energy. This is an environment-friendly networking device that reduces overheating and makes longer life without sacrificing functionality or performance. You can easily connect this with the hubs, switches, and router to extend the network.

Installation of the Dlink 5port Ethernet Switch (GO-SW-5G)

The d link Ethernet cable network connection is extending and increases the bandwidth using the gigabyte ports. This immediately delivers the network connection through any place of your home or office. To connect the WiFi network with this you just follow the below-given steps for the D link Ethernet switch configure.

  • Connect our power adapter first with the switch and after that also connect your power adapter with the wall switch outlet.
  • Afterward, verify that the power is turned on of the d link ethernet switch properly.
  • Now, you connect the Ethernet cable with your router first and after that also connect with your switch.
  • Make sure your router initial setup is already configured.
  • If your router is not configured then you first and foremost complete your router initial setup and then connect with your switch.
  • The Ethernet cable is properly connected with your switch and accesses the wifi network connection through the ethernet ports.
  • After connecting with the ethernet cable the LED light of the switch also blinks the green color light like a networking router.
  • If your router networking device and the switch both of them blinks the solid LEd light that means your network connection is stronger and reliable.

Now, your Dlink (GO-SW-5G) Ethernet switch installation process is successfully complete. You can now connect your computers, PC, tablets, Netgear ReadyNas, printers, or more devices with this gigabit switch.

D-link Ethernet Switch setup

The d-link Ethernet switch 5port is totally set up through your connecting devices such as Pc, Mobile phones, or computers. If you want to do a change in your Switch setting, just follow the below-given steps.

  • Firstly, you have configured your 5port gigabit Ethernet switch and connect the Ethernet switch WiFi network with your PC.
  • Afterward, to change the D’link Ethernet switch setting you go into your PC menu bar.
  • Then, search the Control panel on your PC.
  • Now, you can change the setting of your d-link Ethernet switch through your Pc.
  • The Control panel window is open now on your PC screen, you have to find now network and sharing options.
  • After that, you have to change the setting now accordingly.
  • By following the on-screen instruction you can change the setting and you can also change the network frequency band.
  • Find the homegroup option and create a homegroup account.
  • After changing the setting you click on the apply the changes or change setting option.
  • Now, your Dlink Ethernet switch setup process finishes in a proper way.

These are some d’link ethernet switch setup instructions. If you want to change your switch setting then follow these steps and change the settings.

D-link Ethernet switch Firmware update

If you update your d’link ethernet switch firmware this adds some new features, changes device behavior, and also resolves or troubleshoots the d link Ethernet switch issues. To your d-link ethernet switch update firmware follow the below step.

  • You can easily update your d-link switch firmware using the web UI, d-link network assistance, and CLI using console or telnet.
  • First and foremost, open your PC and search through the program menu internet explorer.
  • Now, the internet explorer windows are open now on your PC screen.
  • You can now type or search on the URL of your d-link ethernet switch default IP address or dlinkap.local.
  • After that, to connect your d-link ethernet switch, the 5port login window is open now.
  • You can log in now by username or password. Fill in all the D-link ethernet switch login credentials in the login box and after that click on the login option.
  • After login, the device information page is accessed now.
  • You can look on your PC window and find your ethernet switch name.
  • After that, you have to go into the management option and then click on the physical stacking option.
  • Find the new version of your d-link Ethernet switch and update the firmware.
  • The D’link Ethernet switch firmware update now.

These are some steps to update the D-link ethernet switch firmware. Using these steps you can also update your switch firmware.

Troubleshooting of the Dlink 5port Ethernet switch (GO-SW-5G) issues

The d’link ethernet switch 5port also causes various issues when you use this device. After connecting with an ethernet cable it’s not working, not drops the internet at actual speed, or causes many issues for the d-link Ethernet switch troubleshooting you have to follow the below-given steps.

Troubleshoot the Dlink Ethernet switch not working problem:

If your d’link Ethernet switch is not working then you again turn on the power of your switch. You can also reset your device through the WPS button. Unplug your device first and also disconnect all the ethernet cables from the ethernet ports. After this, you have to locate the WPS button on your device and hold it after plugin the device. You have to hold the WPS button for three to ten seconds. Leave the WPS button after ten seconds and again your device. Now, the D’link Ethernet switch not working problem resolves now.

Fix the Switches issues:

To fix the switches issues such as D-link ethernet switch port is not working or not drops the internet at actual speed. If you want to resolve this problem you have to first disconnect all the cables from the ports. After that, you also test the cables in different ports. If it is not working then you also check your router network connection that is not weak or slow.

Fix the not connecting issues:

The D’link Ethernet switch is not connecting to the internet. This is the problem caused by the router not working or the router network is slow or weak. To fix this problem you up[datye your router firmware. You can also verify that the network cables are properly attached to the router.

These are the D-link Ethernet switch troubleshooting steps that are useful to troubleshoot your device problem.


What should I do the D-link Ethernet switch 5port (GO-SW-5G) blinks the Orange light?

When the d’link Ethernet switch is blinking the orange light that means your network connection is not strong. If you want to fix this problem you can just reset your router and your switch device. After resetting your devices, you can again look on your d’link gateway and it blinks the green color solid light.

How I use D’link 5port Ethernet switch device?

If you want to use this device, just plug in your device using the adapter. After that, you connect the Ethernet cable with your device’s Ethernet port. Also, connect the Ethernet cable with your router, and after this your switch and then connect all the ports with your wireless devices. Now, you successfully use this device to extend the router network.

How do I know about the D-link Ethernet switch manual?

The Dlink ethernet switch manual gives a guide about this device. Through this device, you can easily access the wifi network on more than five devices. You can easily connect your cables with this device’s LAN port. You can connect this device with your router, hubs, or more networking device. Through this you can easily access the D’link ethernet switch manually.

Reviews of the D’link ethernet switch (GO-SW-5G)

The D-link Ethernet switch 5port is useful to extend the wifi network. I also use this device for extending the wifi network in my whole office or home. It gives the proper network range by using this device. This eliminates the dead zones of my offices and gives a proper throughout in the whole office. If you want to purchase any network switch device when you buy it. The D’link Ethernet switch reviews according to my scenario are very perfect and the best. I connect this device to all ports for my Netgear ReadyNAS, printer, PC, or ethernet port device.