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Dlink COVR 3902 Router AC3900 Setup And Review

The dlink covr AC3900 is a wire-free wifi router. It provides stable wifi connectivity in the long-distance area for unlimited quantity. This router covers all dead zone areas at the home or office. The Dlink covr 3902 router provides a complete wireless network solution for home networking. It has four extender antennas that manage the wifi network range. This router also has a seamless wifi network that provides lag free 4k HD video streaming and gaming throughout your entire home, upto 6,000 square feet. It is based on the mesh wifi technology that provides stable, strong wifi signal in the long distance area. The dlink router also has MU-MIMO technology, this is technology to improve the wireless wifi network.

The quick and easy setup of dlink covr AC3900. You can also use the App to set up the router. It includes many features like Parental Controls, guest network and WiFi scheduling for managing your home network on your terms. The dlink covr wifi router cover all the area in the home, it also cover the area Up to 6,000 sq ft.

How to connect the Dlink COVR WiFi Router to the computer

If you want to connect the wifi router to the computer, it has 2 ways. First one is wireless connection and the other is wired connection.

1. Wired connection

If you use the wired connection for connecting the router, you also need the ethernet cable. There are some steps, which are as follows.

  • Take an ethernet cable, one end of the cabler plug into the internet modem.
  • Also plug the other end of the ethernet cable into the dlink wifi router.
  • Now, power off the computer and attach the ethernet cable to the computer.
  • Attach the other end of the ethernet cable to the dlink covr 3902 router.
  • Turn on the wifi router and computer.

Now, you can see the message on the computer screen, the wifi router is properly connected to the computer.

2. Wirelessly connection

If you want to connect the wifi router to the computer without a wire, you can also easily connect. There are some steps to make a wirelessly connection which are given below.

  • The initial steps, plug one end of the ethernet cable to the modem backside.
  • Attach the other end of the cable to the router’s ethernet port.
  • Also turn ON the wifi router and computer.
  • On the computer screen, click the wifi icon. The list of the wifi appears.
  • Select the dlink covr wifi name and also fill the password.

After that, the wirelessly connection of the dlink router is successfully complete. You can easily web-based login the wifi router.

Access the Web-based Login Page of D’link COVR 3902 Router

The dlink covr wifi router is best device, to easily cover all dead zone area. By which you say goodbye to the buffering. And you can enjoy the wifi network connectivity in the whole home. This router provides the stable, better and stronger wifi network signal in the whole home. If you want to dlink covr ac3900 login without any hassle, then you follow the steps.

  • Verify that your computer or laptop is properly connected to the wifi router, “wired” or “wirelessly”.
  • Place the router nearby the computer or router. Power “ON” both the device like computer or wifi router.
  • Launch any web browser of your choice and type “http://covr.local./”, hit enter.
  • A login page appears on the screen, in the page you should now see the 2 fields.
  • The 2 fields are “username” and “password”, then you fill the default username and password.
  • In the eventually, click on the “Login” section.

Now, the login steps of the dlink wifi router is finished. If you want to change the wifi router password, you can easily change. For this you go to the router setting.

D-link covr ac3900 manual

The dlink cover wifi router provides high-speed wifi network connectivity, from which we can watch 4K videos without any buffering. The coverage area network is more, it also covers up to 6000 sq, ft area. This router is compatible with all the networking devices like computer, laptop, wireless printer, wifi extender and more. If you also want to change the dlink covr wifi router password manual, you can easily change. For this go to the settings and select the “change password” section. Then enter the new password and click the “save setting”.

Setup the Dlink Covr 3902 router using the D-link WiFi App

If you want to Setup the dlink wifi router AC3900 using the app, for this install the app. The dlink covr 3902 setup is effortless, every user easily setup the router. There are some steps to Setup the home mesh wifi router, which are given below.

  • At the beginning, also download the “Dlink wifi app” from the “App store” or “Google Play Store”.
  • After downloading the app, you can open it and follow On Screen instruction.
  • Tab the “ADD Device” section then, show the wifi list. In the wifi list select the d’link covr wifi name and tab “Next”.
  • Select the “create a new covr network” and tab “Next”.
  • Here, connect the mobile device to the dlink covr wifi network name.
  • A “PPPoE” connection page is displayed, type your PPPoE username and password provided by your ISP, then tap “next”.
  • Type the wifi network name and password for covr wifi network, then tab next.
  • Now, the summary page will be displayed, tab “SAVE” to save the setting.
  • At the end, the setup of the dlnl covr router AC3900 is complete.

These are all the steps to Setup the wifi router. Now you can enjoy the wifi connectivity.

Troubleshooting guide for d’link covr 3902 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

If the dlink router is not working, this means it does not provide stable wifi connectivity or some other issue. So there are some troubleshooting guides for this. The dlink covr ac3900 not working, the trouble shooting guide are as follow.

  • The foremost steps, power ON/OFF the wifi router.
  • Sometime the dlink covr wifi router is not access the web based login page, Also change the web browser. Clear the cache history, check the wired connection between the router and computer. Make sure the wifi connectivity is run on the device, in which device you are accessing the login page.
  • When the dlink covr 3902 router is not working then you can also place the ventilated area. Does not place the router in hot area.
  • You can also check the time-to-time firmware version of the router.
  • If the router is not working, you will reset the wifi router. After resetting the router all settings also will be deleted automatically.


How to Reset Dlink covr ac3900 wifi router?

If you want to reset the dlink wifi router, it is very easy. For reset the wifi router, you can use the reset button. In the beginning, power ON the dlink 3902 wifi router. Locate the reset button of the router. In a while, press the reset button for 10-15 seconds. If you want to use the paper clip to hole the button, you can also use it. After that, release the button. The dlink router will reboot automatically and now you have to set it up again.

Can I firmware update of the dlink router AC3900?

Yes, you can easily firmware update the dlink router. To update the firmware version, you must login w2ith the default username or password. After that, go to the management section, under this section select upgrade section. Then, click the select file section to browse for the firmware. Here click “upload”. And then, notification will be displayed if you want to update firmware, so you click OK and the firmware will start to update.

Dlink AC3900 Password Doesn’t Work?

If the dlink router password does not work, then the simple solution is to forget the password.. The password forget is simple and easy. When you login, there is a Forget section on the side, click on it.

D-Link Covr 3902 WiFi Router Review

The dlink covr wifi router is also a tremendous device for boost wifi network connectivity in the whole home. It gets rid of the dead zone in the home or office. The dlink router provides more coverage this means provides reliable high-power Wi-Fi for up to 6000 sq. ft. of seamless coverage. The AC3900 wifi router performance is high, users can watch 4K videos without any loading. It also has many features like parental control, guest network, DLNA network etc. it is easily compatible with all the networking devices and gives stable wifi network connectivity. The setup of the router is easy with the help of dlinkap.local. You can also use the dlink wifi app. So that, dlink covr wifi router ac3900 is a great device.